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Main Game Categories

All runs of the main game start time upon pressing new game (RTA) or after skipping the first cutscene (IGT). For all categories except Community%, time ends on the final terminal message of a particular ending. Any% and All Sigils categories have both 60 FPS and unrestricted variants. For 60 FPS, the FPS option must remain at 60 FPS for the duration of the run. For unrestricted, the FPS may be changed to any setting at any point. No cheats, console commands, use of the fast forward function, or use of v-sync are allowed.


Complete an ending as fast as possible. Timing starts upon skipping the opening cutscene, and runs are timed with RTA.


Complete the game via the Eternalize Ending terminal near C hub.


Complete the game via the Messenger Ending terminal on Floor 6 of the tower.


Complete the game via the Transcendence Ending terminal atop the tower.

All Sigils

Collect all 99 tetrominoes, 30 stars, and completing the game via the Messenger ending. Bonus stars from Sigils of Elohim are not permitted to be used.


Complete an ending unlocking the least amount of items possible, followed by collecting the least amount of sigils possible.

Community %

Collect all 99 tetrominoes without unlocking any items. This does not require all stars to be collected nor the game to be finished.